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Market Tycoon - Start Business


Get ready for reaching your dream which is becoming rich. This game allows you to create new shops such as tailor, bookstore, petshop, market, restaurant, sport center, electronics shop, night clubs and jewellery. You will decide which shop will be best to create with your current money. Each level has different days. And everyday you can update your shops and create new ones with your income from the previous ones. At next days, you have to create more shops to make your customers satisfied because they will be reacher in the following days :) At each level you have a goal money and for the success you have to earn that money!It's kind of tower defense game which is kindly different. The difference is you are not killing the comers. You are not creating defence towers to damage their health. You are creating shops to damage their pocket.
Play now and become the boss of your own business! Good luck :)